Thursday, June 14, 2018

When the girl is too good to be true.... dive right in !

So I get a friend request on Instagram.

She is too cute and too young for me to not feel so so special.

I was ready to buy a plane ticket and jump onboard.

Her name is Caren A Lewis.  And this is the story of how I played with her all week.

So being the security pro that I am, I immediately started chatting with her/him/it because I need more friends like her.

I wanted to get to know her.  The real her ;-) 

Well turns out she is from Helena, Montana.  Far enough away that I can't just stop by for a visit.  And turns out what cute young girls want today are online relationships and money to buy a new iPhone because it is her birthday in a few days.  Poor thing, using an old samsung!

After many days of chatting and exchanging, we finally got down to making a deal ;-)

As you can see from this segment of the exchange, she was being a little pushy as her money hungry fangs felt the proximity of potential cash.   Except I finally revealed what I called something kinda kinky... who I was, and that I actually had a good buddy of mine at Instagram online working with me to fry that sausage for good. 

I won't show that part of the message, because I used a lot of military language that my commanding officer warned me about not using in public.


Here are some tips for anyone foolish enough to fall for one of these scams.....

Do yourself a favour and do these two things :

1) Upload some of the pictures to google IMAGE SEARCH.  Google will find all the pictures that look like your new imaginary lover and you may notice that the pictures come from either other fine young ladies or have been identified as pictures used by scammers (as is the case with this one).

2) This one is important, since your blood flow may be ill-routed.  If you still have doubts or are plain delusional that a random sexy young lady picked YOU....  ask her, by her, I mean the hairy dude behind the keyboard... ask her to send you a picture of herself holding the local paper.     Trust me, the conversation will dry up almost as fast as that blood flow issue will resolve.

Important Internet Safety Tip #4931:  Don't be a dumb ass


Eric Parent is a senior security expert, specialized in coaching senior executives.  He teaches CyberSecurity at l'Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Universities in Montreal, and is CEO of Logicnet/EVA-Technologies, one of Canada's oldest privately owned security companies.

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