Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Donald Trump will not be President

We live in an era where it is seemingly ok for a corporation to lie to both share holders and clients.  A world that sees executives spending more time taking care of themselves instead of their jobs responsibility. 

Corporations who spend more on covering things up as opposed to fixing root causes is becoming the norm and this is hurting our economy, and is going to get a lot worst before it gets better.

The Ashley Madison case is a perfect example.   A company built on fake profiles and robots who entice the weak male species with a few automated sexy words, and false claims of security to make everyone feel good about it.  

Enter Donald Trump, running for president.  A man that most find revolting, yet some of the things he says are actually hitting a sensitive nerve.  It is difficult to argue that we do not need more transparency and blunt truths thrown at our faces.  I recently saw a speech he gave, and I hated him through the entire speech, yet couldn't disagree with him and the topics he was covering.   Well, it was only that one speech, the rest of his verbal diarrhea is just plain annoying.

If you haven't seen this video of President Obama taking a shovel to the old Donald's face along with FOX news and a few others, then your life is missing a great humorous segment.  When he lays into Donald Trump at 3:00 into the video, many will fall off their chair.  The entire segment is worth watching.


So in an age where most of our entertainment revolves around fake reality shows, fake news, fake websites and essentially fake facts.   Trump with his fake hair seems like a clear winner.

He won't be.  Not as president anyways.  But rest assured, he will be winning the lotery.

The facts remain that in "America" as so many uneducated seem to call it not realizing the stupidity involved with that geographic statement..... people may be foolish and easily manipulated, but the powerful hold each other by the balls.  And the ultra powerful control the courts.  Every election involves politicians using trends and popular opinion to win votes.  Translated that means telling the people what they want to hear without giving a second thought to the real facts.  If telling people that we will build stairs to the moon gets votes, so be it.  Forget the fact that you cannot build stairs to the moon, these facts are boring.  Note, if you do not understand the numerous technical reasons we can't have stairs to the moon, keep right on calling the United States <America>.  ;-) Mexico, Canada and all that south part of the globe really don't care.

So back on the Trump bandwagon

You would be found to be very naive if you think that Trump has not violated any rules to get to his current standing.   

He may be a public favourite, yet everyone in his party would prefer he take up basket weaving.

He is saying a lot of things that please a lot of people.  A real politician really.  Yet, many of the things he says simply do not make him worthy of a world leader position.  If you have doubts on his classy act and have a few minutes to burn, this video should close the deal for you.  Top 10 crazy Donald Trump moments

For him, this is a play that will yield him awesome benefits.  

When he stands down for whatever reason he gives the public, there will have been a deal.  A deal that could involve looking the other way on things past, present, or to come.  A deal that will be worth millions if not billions for the old Trump.

Now if I'm wrong, the outcome is even funnier.  Can we all take a moment to imagine Donald Trump negotiating international policy and sitting across from Poutine.

Love him or hate him, we do need more transparency, and in Trumps case what you see is what you get.

I would buy tickets to that show.

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