Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Some mornings, I'm more sensitive then others.

This morning, a friend sends me an article about a significant debate on encryption where as the FBI wants to impose that encryption has backdoors.   I had gone to bed after a Skype discussion with the same friend about the United States wanting to Weaponize Computer Exploits and imposing that exploitable vulnerabilities be classified as Export Controlled or even ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulation).

I understand that National Security is indeed a complexe area of operation.

However I grow tired of clueless and short term visioned managers and senior politicians who wish to impose ridiculous regulations.

If domestic encryption MUST have backdoors, this means that encryption developed in other countries would be better, therefor other countries would be more secure.

If we outlaw the sharing of found exploitable vulnerabilities, doesn't this mean that we will remain vulnerable through ignorance while other countries openly shares this information and fixes their issues ?

If you outlaw something that is vital to the constant optimization of our consistently ailing IT infrastructure, then only outlaws will have exploits and be able to breach our corporate  and personal systems.

The FBI and NSA desperately need some new blood, and some serious congressional oversight that is not dictated by a powerful minority, but by "we the people".

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