Friday, June 19, 2015

The PARTY is over in Quebec Public Sector IT

Breaking news it seems, that the IT party is over according to local papers.

The same paper that had asked CGI's founder (Serge Godin) his opinion on the state of abuse in the IT world, to which he responded it was his opinion that nothing was wrong.

Well, it was my opinion at that time that ethics would dictate that he not give an opinion since his business was built on..... IT projects...... large IT projects.......  many for the government.

It was also my opinion that the newspaper should never have entertained the idea that his opinion had any value.

Oh look, CGI is being investigated for a $30M contract.

I have a lot of friends at CGI, competent onces, and I apologize for any negative press I may cause.

On the other hand, I really despise hypocrisy from senior managers who abuse EVERY possible option and takes HONEST tax payers money to build their empire.

Take the TAX CREDIT for simply building a building and MOVING employees into that building.

That is criminal.  Why are my taxes used to promote a building or a sector when NO NEW JOBS are created.

Non sense I tell you.

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