Thursday, June 18, 2015

We are all ok - Cyberattack on the Canadian Government

I love the way things get reported and how elected officials react.

A cyberattack, that sounds nasty.  

I think we are going to need a new catch phrase because things are indeed going to get worst before it gets better and what happened to the Canadian governments systems was actually more a form of digital harassement.

Like getting all your friends to call someones cell phone number non stop.  

Unless of course this NOISE was used to hide a real attack.

I love how fast our elected officials came forward and said NOTHING HAS BEEN BREACHED, we are just bleeding from the nose and no one can access our very popular web pages.

Those in the security industry know that they have no way of knowing if something was breached that quickly, if ever.

The fact is, performing a distributed denial of service attack can be orchestrate by a child with a few bit-coins bit-coins or dads stolen credit card.  It can also by a more worthy adversary who is trying to cover up his tracks while he empties the main vault.

The thing with stealing information as opposed to stealing a car... is that the information is still there. 

The thing with most breaches is that the victims often never realize it.

I feel that everything is fine, after all, that is what I was told ;-)

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