Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Who really got hacked. Air Canada? Vancouver international?

News is flowing that Everest hacking group hacked Vancouver Airport and Air Canada, but this appears false.

When you visit the Everest Ransomware groups darkweb site, the information published looks to be a contractors data with regards to construction projects @ Vancouver International, that includes the Air Canada Lounge and various other enterprises across Canada including Pomerleau.

At first glance, it looks more like a contractor got hit and the files have been broken down into the various subjects since every leak on the Everest site has the exact same type of data (architecture diagrams, electrical diagrams, demolition plans, etc.)

Everyone is reaming on Air Canada/Vancouver airport today without looking at the data, and this looks more like a consultant got hit.

Now, since we have the plans for Vancouver International Airport (or partial plans), and the Annex Skywalk that leads to the Air Canada Lounge, should we now expect John McClane to kill off Colonel Stuart's mercenaries with his Beretta 92?

After all, we are certainly in the Christmas period and a nice Die Hard scenario would certainly spice things up.

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